Grand Theft Auto to see the entry of a detective

'Grand Theft Auto', has broken newer grounds with the featuring of a detective who is going to use his wits for solving the mystery of 1947 Hollywood film.

Named as "L. A. Noire", the character was released by Rockstar Games and Australian studio Team Bondi in US and will be available for the international audience from Friday itself.

Early reviews have shown that there is cinematic quality in the scenes which has been because of the use of motion-capturing technology. It has also enabled the game-makers to infuse more animated characters into the game making "L. A. Noire" as a contender for game of the year.

Said Rockstar founder Sam Houser that the videogame has been able to blend realistic performance with gritty action and has some real super detective work. All together, it is a packet which is a must have. During the whole of interview, the player will have to interrogate the suspects and witnesses. The detective uses his power to investigate expressions and body language of the people for his deduction.

In the game, MotionScan technology has been used for creating 'life like characters and expressions.