Facebook use comes with its own privacy risks

There is no doubt that Facebook has brought families, friends and even colleagues closer, in a way revolutionizing the way people stay in touch with each other. But, this again does not come without added risks.

As per a survey done by Consumer Reports, there are some 150 million young Americans who are logged onto the social networking site and are unknowingly putting their safety into question. They are not only putting personal details on public display but it also means that security and safety of these people are at risk.

For the report, users of Facebook were surveyed and most of them said that they had experienced problem on the site. Some even went ahead to say that they had faced identity theft, attacked by computer viruses, burglary and even stalking and bullying.

Besides that, the consumer report found out that there are some 1 million teens who have been subjected to cyber-bullying close to 1/3rd of Facebook users are underage and are using the site unmonitored.

Even Facebook has understood this and are using means to stop the practice of bullying online.