Canada is going to experience the launch of HTC Flyer apart from US

While until recently it was being said that HTC flyer would be launched in U. S., latest info is that it will now also be released in Canada along with the launch in US. This is available on the official website of Canada’s HTC Sense.

While Best Buy and probably T-mobile will be introducing it in US, Telus is rumored to be launching the same in Canada. Though this Flyer is going to operate on Android Gingerbread, HTC has assured that very soon it will be also launching an advanced version namely the Android Honeycomb. The features of the Flyer include a display of 7 inch, 5MP rear camera along with a 1.3MP front camera, 1 GB RAM and also a single core-processor of

The most fascinating aspect is said to be that the Flyer will supposedly run with a 4G speed on LTE system and will be the first if its kind to be launched by HTC. The single core-processor has brought a few criticisms for the Flyer apart for being expensive. But the upcoming Puccini is expected address these problems and will hopefully be available at a more reasonable price.