Space shuttle Endeavour launch delayed further

The launch of space shuttle Endeavour will be hold for some more days. NASA is repulsing from May 8 to May 10 for the fly over the International Space Station as stated by officials on Monday.

Earlier NASA had made the plan to launch Endeavour on its 25th and final mission on Friday but now it seems to be not possible after failure of a heater in one of the spaceship's hydraulic power generators. After seeing this failure managers urged to halt the flight about four hours before launch.

On Sunday NASA managers has planned to substitute a suspect electronics box that routes power to the heaters on the auxiliary generator. But the replacement of box involved an extensive and time-consuming retest of the 70 to
80 impacted shuttle systems. So the Launch is suddenly put to a halt.

NASA spokesman Kyle Herring has stated that after the overhaul assess in the overnight progress, managers have decided on Monday that May 10 was a more realistic target launch date.

But the final decision whether to launch the shuttle on that day will be decided on Friday as confirmed by Herring.