Sony's PlayStation is in dumps

Network of Sony's PlayStation is facing tough times because there are many reasons for it getting rejected. The network is not properly connected and there is no knowing as to when that will happen. Also, as the weekend approaches the timing for launch and rectifications is the worst possible one.

This is not for the first time that such a thing is happening with PlayStation. Earlier too same kind of troubles were seen with PlayStation. At the same time around last year, some error had stopped the functioning of the console only to get resolved after one day.

But, this time the error is bigger and is having more far-reaching consequences which are disastrous in nature and has also led to severe criticism of the company.

With each passing day the gamers are finding it difficult to get attached to the PlayStation Network. There is anger about the issue that has come out openly in Twitter. For a company like Sony that has been known for quality this is nothing than a slap on its face.

Besides that, Sony has also got to inform as to how it would be reimbursing the PSN Plus members.