AT&T files request for shifting T-Mobile's license

It was announced by the Federal Communications Commission that AT&T along with Deutsche Telekom has filed a case with them wherein it has requested them for shifting T-Mobile's license to AT&T. It said that this was necessary for its $39 billion bid to take over smaller competitors.

There is also news that Sprint Nextel has objected to transfer of any licenses. In a strong-worded statement that was present to press, Sprint's VP said that such filing would allow for creation of an entrenched duopoly in the wireless industry.

It would lead to no less than 80 per cent hold over the industry. Current filing also reinforces the kind of risks that AT&T proposed acquisitions impose on the whole thing.

But, there is more for AT&T to worry about since even some consumer groups have also shown their anger over the kind of services that are provided by the company. And if this continues then it is definitely going to lead to more painful reviews by the U. S. Department of Justice.

In such cases, it is next to impossible for the Federal Communications Commission to allow for merger approvals.