InfoSec 2011: ICO hits back at critical report

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has confirmed that one more NHS body has broken the Data Protection Act. This has happened after the failure of an access network.

According to the ICO, the entire fault was given to the Lax IT security measures. This was because the NHS Birmingham East and North allowed employees to potentially access restricted sensitive data.

Moreover the information could have been accessed by the workers at two other nearby Trusts.

Till now the organisations are getting basic data protection wrong as stated by deputy commissioner David Smith. He has told the delegates at the InfoSecurity 2011 conference which was held in London this week.

He has stated that there has been a lot of basic stuff. He has given a message that the technical side of security is important. As a result many organisations are there which are lacking the basics right.

Smith has said that though there is discontent surrounding such failings, the message was at least partially getting through to UK firms.

In the year 2011 many cases were reported to the ICO, out of these cases, 45 per cent were due to loss or theft of data.