Apple profits nearly double

There has been a huge profit from the computer giant Apple. It has been crossing the estimation of the profits. Moreover there has been a rise in

iPhone sales.

There has been 85% rise of net income for three months from the last year’s income. There has been a rise of 113% in the iPhone sales of 18.65m.

These are the recent figures taken from the US's technology companies.

On Wednesday the figures of Intel was revealed which were also in good position. This profit has helped share prices to touch a three-year high.

Recently the quarterly net profits of Apple were revealed. The profits were $5.99bn (£3.6bn). The profits were 95% up on the $3bn figure which was made a year ago. There was an increase of 83 % in the revenue up to $24.67bn.

On the other hand, the figures of Apple were not stable. It sold 4.69m iPad tablet computers in the quarter which were below expectations.

Channing Smith, portfolio manager at Capital Advisors growth fund has stated that Dynamite numbers across the board. The only interruption is lower than expected iPad numbers.