Twitter on advanced stages to acquire TweetDeck

Twitter has said that it is in the advanced stages of talk in the process of acquiring its own client, TweetDeck for close to $50 million. The reports first came out in the Wall Street Journal.

Earlier it was said that TweetDeck was in talks with UberMedia for being able to sell itself for an amount that would have been $30 million or something lesser than that. Also, the deal would have taken place as all cash and stock.

When asked to the sources within the industry, they said that for a very long time it was known that TweetDeck-UberMedia deal is underway and that both the companies had just been on the level of talking to each other.

But it seems quite apparent that Twitter was able to get a better deal and approached TweetDeck for the same.

As of now, TweetDeck is one of the most popular independent third party that uses the Twitter applications and accounts for 13 per cent of all the tweets that come to its network. It is also preferably known as the 'Power Twitter' in the industry circles.