BMW gambling with the sporty looks

A serious challenge has been thrown up by BMW which has said that during this year it will be bringing on the streets 700 of its 1 Series coupes. This would bring in the open the sporty capabilities of the car and also show how it does not require petrol to run it. For BMW, which has been known as a high-performance brand, this means its total brand image is at stake.

BMW has also promised that its ActiveE is going to be a car that would be “100% electric and 100% BMW.” And before it needs a charge, it would have covered 100 miles.

One can see that it is a clear shift towards electric car by the company which is famous for its powerful gasoline engines along with a superb hold on sedans. If the test turns out to be successful then ActiveE is going to be followed by a 3-series engine vehicle called i3. As of now, it is going to go for production from 2013.

User feedback will also be taken during the program which would then be used for refining the bigger 3 Series sedan. The main reason for the change is the way in which BMW is adapting its lithium ion battery packs and electric motors to larger vehicles.