Kohler launches a new 'Smart Toilet’ product

Recently an American manufacturer Kohler has produced a hi-tech toilet named Numi. It has some special features like a heated seat, speakers and an eco-friendly flush. The manufacturer, Kohler was established in 1873 and its headquarters are in Wisconsin.

The Numi is available in the market for £3,900 ($6,400). The desired people can go for it.

It has a touch-screen panel, a deodoriser, floor level air vents by which one can warm the feet and a motion-activated seat. It has height of 45cm (17").

Manufacturer Kohler has said in its website that the device combines best design, expertise and engineering for the people to have their finest in personal comfort and flushing out.

The company has also added that this product uses the water in good efficiency. It uses at least 20% less water than standard 1.6 gallon toilets. The flusher is used as the user sits on it. This product is available in two colours either white or brown colour.

Moreover the product includes what is described as "advanced bidet functionality". It has a warranty period of three-years.