Paul G. Allen shares his side of the story

Paul G. Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, has portrayed in his autobiography his role at the time of the company’s initial years as being the visionary and technology strategist, whereas Bill Gates has been portrayed as being the brilliant business tactician.

At a point in his autobiography, stated to be published on the 19th of April, Mr. Allen gives a description of Mr. Gates as being a partner who was capable of taking his ideas and magnifying them. He further writes that their great string of successes had created an unbreakable bond between his vision and Gates’ unmatched aptitude for business.

Nevertheless, there was complete denial on part of Mr. Allen during an interview which was held last Friday, that in his book he has attempted to swing the pendulum of history towards his direction, in order to claim additional credit for the critical decisions that had been taken during the early years of the personal computer industry.

According to him, this was just his side of the story iterated in an unvarnished, warts-and-all manner.

There had been fiery clashes of Mr. Allen with Mr. Gates which drew considerable attention in March following the publishing of an excerpt from the book in Vanity Fair’s May issue.