Google to shutdown Google videos later this month

Google has decided to shut down its Google Videos. A warning email has been release by Google, the search giant to users who previously uploaded one or more videos to the service.

Google Videos service will be stopped from 29th April, 2011. After this the users will no more be allowed to watch any more videos. The users can’t upload their videos but can download their videos until May 13, 2011. Google has been persuading the users to upload their videos to YouTube.

On 25th January 2005 Google Videos was launched. And in next year in the month of October it purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion. Later on 13th June 2007 an announcement was made by Google that Google Videos search results would begin to include videos discovered by their search crawlers on other hosting services, including YouTube. But in 2009 it prohibited the users to upload their videos but the videos which were already present in it, were available. The service then became a video search engine. But now it wants to end this service completely by deleting all remaining videos.