HTC Sense 3.0 may not be as good as it seemed

There was a whole lot of hue and cry when GTC declared that it’s new interface- Sense 3.0- which was launched along with its HTC Sensation smartphone would not be working on the older devices like HTC Desire and the new HTC Incredible S.

Now, looking at the kind of reaction that the market has given, HTC has come out with a statement on its Facebook account. It came out as a clarification saying that it is true that many aspects on the new device, HTC Sense, that would not be able to work on the older devices. But the company is working hard to rectify the same.

But as of now, looking at the things that are shaping up all that is there is confusion. It is still not clear as to which of the handsets of HTC would be benefiting from Sense 3.0. There are features that seem to be making the new platform worth the try.

And to see that if they are worth it or not all that one needs to do is wait patiently for further news to come. Till that time, they can happily wait and download the leaked ROM of Sense 3.0.