Opening a gaming cafe is easy in Tokyo

If anyone wants to open a cafe with the sole aim of promoting games and other forms of entertainment and make eating a secondary job, then he/she would hardly face any trouble.

There are many big names who have already made it big in the industry like Dragon Quest bar. But there are new entrants as well like Ignition who want to earn money by marrying dining and entertaining.

The cafe of this company based on their upcoming El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, and the grand opening is going to take place today. The event though would continue till May 8.

It has been announced that the visitors to the cafe are going to be treated with demo stations for the game that will take place in the rear corner of the restaurant. Also, there will be a small so-called museum that would showcase the merchandise and other artistic of the game.

Food, which is claimed will be delicious unbound, will be present but won’t be the star attraction. They are, however, going to have a long menu list that will be stamped with an "E" logo in some way. Bar which would serve coffee and cocktails both shall also be present.