FBI gets restraining order against Coreflood Botnet

The FBI along with the Department of Justice has been able to obtain a restraining order against Coreflood botnet. Even though the order is temporary in nature it would allow the agencies to respond to infected PCs.

The authorities have also managed to attain warrants that would allow them to seize five command-and-control (C&C) servers--located in Arizona, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, and California.

Once the seizure is done then they would also have access to the domain name that is being used by botnet.

In the civil complaint that was filed by the government, they alleged that the 13 "John Doe" defendants were totally involved in the wire fraud, bank fraud and also were part and parcel in the interpretation of the electronic communications that was being used by botnet.

They also said that this information was used by the criminals to remove money from the accounts of people, mostly banks. As per data available till February, 2010 some 2.3 million PCs were infected with these Coreflood. Surprisingly, 80 per cent of these were situated in US alone and has cost many companies losses in millions.