Adobe again attacked by hackers

This is the second time in a period of just one month when Adobe has issued a warning saying that its Flash Player has been attacked by a bug. This bug is implanting malicious code inside a Microsoft Office document and making it difficult for the player to perform.

On Monday, the security advisory was issued where it was said that the attackers were fully using the vulnerabilities of the application by embedding the attacks in the files. These word documents when sent through mails again attack the other computer where they are opened.

However, no timeline was issued by Adobe for the newest Flash zero-day. Earlier sometime back, Adobe had issued similar warnings where they had said that the hackers were manipulating the code and were attacking the Excel spreadsheet attachments.

Later on, the same warning was confirmed by RSA Security and said that the cyber criminals were trying to gain access into the whole corporate network so that they are able to seal the information needed by the company for securing the products.

Now, all Adobe can expect is that the people who get its warning do not fall for the ruse.