Steve Wozniak says would consider return to Apple

According to a statement made by co-founder Steve Wozniak in an interview this week, he is going to think over returning to an active role in the company, whose starting he had helped in, if he were asked to.

He stated at an interview in England this week that he would positively consider it, on being asked if he would have a more active role to play, according to Reuters reports.

Apple Computer had been founded by Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne way back in the year 1976. Wozniak had abandoned his full-time role with the company back in the year 1987. He however continues to be an employee and shareholder of the company.

Ever since he has abandoned his active role in Apple, Wozniak has been kept himself busy in a broad range of entrepreneurial as well as philanthropic endeavors. At present, he is the Chief Scientist serving the storage company Fusion-io.

Meanwhile, Jobs at present has taken a leave for an indefinite period of time in order to concentrate on his health, in spite of continuing to be the CEO of Apple and being an active part of the strategic decisions.