Twitter trimming down on features

From Tuesday, there were many changes in Twitter that have become visible. Some of its most prominent features like "New Twitter" interface and "Trends” have been totally removed from the site.

While some are seeing it as a means of the social networking site to revamping itself for the others, it is like a beginning of some long time trouble. Even Twitter has reported that there are some problems in displaying home timelines when it comes to showing the status of the site.

But soon after the announcement, it also declared that it is going to follow the retro way and for the same it will be temporarily disabling some of the features.

No reply was given by the site. In reply to the move, some of the members of Huffington Post said that the site is in a testing mode and wants to see the interest of the 'followers'. But if that is the case then what was the need for launching an interest-based search on Monday ie a day before this thing happened.

Whatever the case may be, in sometime the whole truth will come out in the open itself.