Financial Times reluctant to give Apple Access to Subscriber Data

The Financial Times of London is leaving no stone unturned to keep Apple away from accessing its customers' data. The data in question is of those customers who access Financial Times through Apple's subscription engine.

Financial Times Managing director Rob Grimshaw, said to Reuters that they are trying to negotiate with Apple in this regard and made it very clear that FT would not mind leaving Apple's application if things are not sorted out.

Earlier this year, Apple has enabled its subscription engine to the software development kit (SDK) of iOS which requires the publishers to offer subscription access to an app through the Apple's engine. This has potential hazards of giving access to all the subscribers' data, which is only meant for FT publishers who are afraid of data theft and plagiarism.

The Financial Times is one of the early users of iPad and has been able to increase its number of paying subscribers to 590,000 from 440,000 with the help of iPad and online presence.