O2 refuses to support Apple iPad 2 tablets

Owner of O2, Telefonica has stated that it had refused to support the Apple iPad 2 tablets for its sale. On the other hand it has cut the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to an all time low of £299 and Samsung Galaxy Tab comes in the list of the rivals to Apple's tablet.

The desired customers can purchase a 2GB Pay and Go Mobile Broadband package from O2. It is facilitated with unlimited access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country. The price to have this deal is £15.32 per each month.

There is some difference in the deal. The unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is sold by Dabs for around £544, which is the double of O2's actual price. The difference is that the next one is locked to the network.

Moreover the tablet can be used with GiffGaff, the little known mobile virtual network phone operator from O2. It provides various great deals, especially after the decision of O2 to alter its package last week.

For example £10 Goodybag of Giffgaff gives the user 250 UK minutes, boundless texts and unlimited use of internet for a month and renewable at the end of each month.