Microsoft’s Google complaint not an April fool

Microsoft has got for itself a wonderful competitive opening from Google, and many feel that Microsoft must not let go off this opportunity, because such opportunities don't come around much frequently, or at a time so right.

About two times in a week, Google managed to crack down on Android licensing. If looked at from one point of view, the search and information giant is asserting a much required leadership. On the other hand, from another point of view, Google is shutting the door on the so-called openness of its software. And in both the perspectives, Microsoft has the opportunity of getting hold of developers and then encourages them ahead for the OEM adoption of the Windows Phone 7 software.

Meanwhile, last week Google announced that it was not going to launch the Android 3.0 as open source right away, and no real time horizon had been provided. Analysis of the author-"Honeycomb tests Google's 'Open Principles'" enquires if the search and information giant did not fulfill the promises it had made to the open-source community. However, if seen from the point of view of the controlling fragmentation, then holding back the Honeycomb makes sense in business.