Man and Dinosaurs Co-existed, Scientists Claim

According to claims made by creationists, recent findings of antediluvian images now provide evidence that humans lived alongside dinosaurs.

The prehistoric cultures bedecked the walls with paintings and engravings known as — petroglyphs — on a huge (about 60 meters high and wide) arenaceous rock that resemble an arch-like construction formed by the undercutting of one side of the rock by flowing water was found at the site of Kachina Bridge in Utah.

Among the believers were young-earth Earth creationists claiming that such images and descriptions are proof with the belief that the all life was created in one same day before 6,000 years.

However a closer scientific investigation reveals the whole idea is nothing more than just an illusionary thinking. Now, closer examination has proved it to be baseless and according to researcher Phil Senter, a paleontologist at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina, a dinosaur petroglyph doesn't even exist which according to creationists is the most important implication of these findings.

Senter told LiveScience that one of the creationist camp's beloved part of proof, to establish dinosaurs and humans living alongside, is a nonexistent as a matter of fact. Reportedly the four supposed images were analyzed thoroughly by scientists not only with the naked eye and binoculars but also telephoto lenses; also the pictures were optically illuminated by sunlight directly and indirectly as well as under the shadow.