Usage of Firefox 4 zips past in 6 days

The share of use of Mozilla Firefox has shot up by two-and-a-half times during the last six days of its launch. The same happened on March 22 and the data has been given by the web analytic.

As per the figures given by Net Applications, Firefox accounted for almost 3.7 per cent of all the browsers used till Sunday. This was higher than 1.4 per cent of last Tuesday. As compared to the Internet Explorer9, the number of people using it was double.

Mozilla which had been continuously following the browser ever since its launch last week, it claimed that there had been close to 7.1 million downloads in last one day itself. As for the unofficial record, the number touches 8.75 million for the second day.

All these download show that Firefox 4's market share has been growing and has touched an average of 2.8 per cent in the last six days time. When compared with IE9 then one can see that it led to a much slower start.

For the first six days, the average rise was just 1.1 per cent, but it managed to double the usage share slowly. What has however given Mozilla the edge over IE9 is that it runs on Windows XP, Mac and also Linux Systems.