Apple wins over Nokia in patent war

After a trade panel ruled that Apple did not infringe any patents of Nokia, it has been considered that the Finnish mobile maker has lost out to the iPhone maker in patent war.

In its filing, Nokia had accused Apple of violating more than 5 patents that were held by it in several of its product. The ITC complained got filed in December, 2009. But considering the number of no-going patent fights going in on between the two sides, this is one such judgment or an action that has been taken till now.

In his statement, Judge James Gildea of the ITC said that in no way has any of the patents been infringed by Apple. He also said that it is high time when the commission decides on what judgment should be taken and some action on the same is going to be taken by August this year.

ITC or the International Trade Commission has got the power to stop import of any kind of products on the US soil if they are found to have infringed any of the patent laws.

Some say that the whole case set by Nokia is a hoax since it is continuously losing ground to Apple in the smartphone market.