$100 cut down by AT&T for first-gen iPad 3G

AT&T has made the decision-making course a little more difficult for those planning to buy an archetype iPad and its new release models. According to reports, CNET contributor Jim Dalrymple stated on “The Loop,” his personal blog that AT&T has reduced the price of iPad 3G by $100.

The 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models when first released were priced at $629, $729, and $829, respectively earlier but now cost $429, $529, and $629 respectively.

The second $100-price cut for first-generation iPad is being followed by the initial cut down of the base price after the announcement of the iPad 2. Those who had bought an iPad in the previous two weeks during the launch also were announced with a $100 refund.

For those who opt for AT&T, Apple continues to promote better deals and sell its new versions of the first iPad 3G model at $100 less than its original price while fresh models come with varying discounts between $150 and $170 depending on the model. To avail the 3G service, the user needs to choose from the two prepaid data plans that can be signed-on from the unit itself. Furthermore,

AT&T is presently offering its new users of DataConnect personal plans with 2GB of data free of cost for the first month.