Reason why one should not buy Motorola's WiFi-only Xoom

As Motorola gets ready to release its WiFi only version of Xoom towards the end of March, many people of the industry are visibly skeptical about it. One of the main reasons as per them is that this 3G version does not allow the users to get connected with the carrier's network.

One good this is that it is going to cost less and is a good option for those who just want to test waters in the tablet arena without being bogged down by the cost.

Despite that the biggest question that remains unanswered is whether there is any use of even considering buying only WiFi version. It is a 3G set and has very less of 3G connectivity.

There are some other reasons like pricing, mobility of the tablet, 3 G rather than 4G as its selling proposition, providing value for money to the enterprises, providing more options in the future, too late on the Honeycomb front are some of the reasons, why there are some more people in the industry that are supporting the tablet. What will happen actually can be told by time alone.