Google develops a new system in Docs

On Wednesday, a new shared commenting system was introduced by Google. This system is applicable for its online word processing service Google Docs. This was considered as best Google Wave for humans.

The new chat system make the work even simpler by the help of Google Docs. It helps to allow many people to edit in a single document. The new change in the chat is that it replaces the basic one by offering threads that can be closed.

Now the user can invite new collaborators simply by putting their e-mail address in a message and if somebody replies to the comment then an e-mail notifications will be given.

In the month of September 2009, Google Wave was launched in beta version. It had provided the offer of instantaneous immediate chat and group editing. However, it was not widely used because of its too

complicated structure. As a result, this project was put on hold. In August, 2010, Google open sourced much of the code.

The recent feature which is named as Discussions is going to be released over the next couple of days for all the personal Gmail users and Google App users. Moreover, it is basically designed for those who want to get advanced features faster.