Microsoft welcomes Google's open video codec

Microsoft has welcomed the new WebM project of Google, which will permit Internet Explorer 9, and other Windows Applications to submit video. Google has open sourced this royalty free web media format last year.

As per Google blog post, WebM is integrated with the Windows through Microsoft Media Foundation (MF) API.

Initially the media format was introduced via plugin for Internet Explorer 9, but now Google has modified the page on which the download option was available and made it clear that it is not a browser plugin.

This new WebM will enable user to run this application alongside multiple Windows applications, Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer 9.

The entire package is termed as Microsoft Media Foundation (MF) module for WebM by both Google and Microsoft .Google has even acknowledged this media format has been create with the help of Microsoft.

WebM is a VP8 Video codec based format, which was acquired by Google during the $ 124.6 million worth of On2 Technologies purchase. WebM application is compatible with the HTML5 video tag.

WebM is a royalty free version created to substitute the H264. H264 is a royalty-based codec, compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Appleā€™s Safari HTML video.