Space shuttle Discovery to be 'autopsied' before shipping to Smithsonian

Space shuttle Discovery after its last tour of the space has landed on earth for the final time last week. The space shuttle ended its journey and returned back on earth with six crewmembers on 9th March taking the 39th and final space flight.

The shuttle will now be send to the Washington institution for a post-flight evaluation, which will help NASA engineers to study its key components for future programs and make the shuttle fit for public display.

Discovery is NASA’s third shuttle orbiter and the first one to go hibernating. Discovery has one-year career in space with 13-day STS-133 mission. During this mission, pressurized modules or rooms were installed in the US territory of International Space Station.

The space shuttle will be kept inside Orbiter Processing Facility-2, one of the three hangars at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

In facility –2, all space shuttles are prepared, maintained and examined for their next space mission. But this time, unlike the 38th space mission ventured by Discovery, it will undergo “autopsy’ which will give NASA technicians an in-depth facts about ‘do’s and ‘don’ts related to future space endeavor.