Consumers find iPad2 to be more competitive than Android

When Apple's iPad2 was compared with Google’s Android operating system, the consumers found iPad2 to be more competitive than Android. This was informed by iPhone critic Consumer Reports. And the reasons for the same are many, the most prominent ones being pricepoint, size, and Smart Cover.

But when it comes to camera, the magazine said that the consumers found Motorola Xoom to be better than that of iPad2.

Writing in CR, Jeff Fox, an expert said that they found the new version of iPad to be better than the original one. If the price remains the same, they it is going to do better than ipad.

There are many other superior categories like A5 dual-core processor. This is said to be faster and better when testing of tasks like Web browsing and emails are concerned. The speed has increased 'significantly'. Besides that there are many games too that can be played on the App Store and better graphic processing ability makes it better.

However, there is a negative side as well. And the biggest one is lack of pixels of camera when compared to Xoom 5.