There are 10 reasons why consumers want iPad2

It was no rocket science to understand that as soon as iPad 2 comes to the market, it is going to be a hit. And that it was. One of the major reasons was also that it had the brand tag of Apple on it and more often than not the product becomes a hit because of its name on it.

But few would have thought that it was going to be as big a hit as it had turned out to be. Some analysts said that it was capable of selling 1 million within first week of availability. And data shows that the stock was sold out in mere
10 mins of trading. The order book has shown that no iPad 2 is going to be available for the next four weeks time and even the online ones are running out of stocks.

Experts say that there are 10 reasons behind making it such a grand success. One and the biggest one is the presence of cameras. They not only get good pictures but also provide video conferencing facilities.

Pricing, brand, online selling, white color, lack of rivals, old getting obsolete, new buyers, good past record and perfect timing are some of the other reasons.