Cox: the best apple for a decade

Cox's Orange Pippin has been the most popular apple for atleast 100 years if not more. And the reason behind this was the sweet and crisp taste that it had made the mouth water.

But the crown has been finally taken over by Gala. It is a blander version and as a variety has been introduced quite recently.

The first time that Gala entered the market was when millions of tons of the same were imported from New Zealand. They then began to be sold in the supermarkets of Britain. On the same hand, some 21,600 tons of Cox alone was sold during this time.

These figures were published by the trade body that looks into English Apples and Pears. They were then followed up by the Grocer magazine. Analysts say that this change is an indication for better and sweeter fare.

Same has been seen in case of peas, tomatoes and beans. These are getting cultivated for sweeter taste.

Implication has been that the orchards have decreased in size by as much as 33 per cent in last 5 years or so.