Microsoft wants best apps for Windows Phone7

Windows Phone 7 is being promoted fiercely by Microsoft. It is targeting professional software developers who also want to use the possibly the latest ones in the apps and also the best in the smartphone segment.

And to be able to promote all the three properly, Microsoft has hooked all the three popular software in the WP7 platform. For the same, it has seamlessly integrated Internet Explorer, Xbox Live and Outlook Exchange into the dashboard of WP7.

In more detailed breakup, the apps stand will be broken up in terms of sales between the developers who would be getting 70 per cent while the rest would be going to Microsoft.

There are some 28,000 developers who have registered themselves for the service and out of the same 3,000 are moonlight Microsoft employees. As of now, a window Phone 7 has more than 60 carriers and is across some 30 countries. It was launched last year in October.

Microsoft claims that it has got license to produce some 2 million handsets to original equipment manufacturers. These include HTC and Samsung. A past research has shown that some 93 per cent of users are happy with the equipment.