Internet Explorer 9 free from Pwn2Own bug

Microsoft claims that one of the weaknesses of Internet explorer 8 has been fixed by researcher Stephen Fewer at the Pwn2Own hacking contest and internet explorer 9 is free from Pwn2Own bug.

Stephen Fewer has attached three diverse vulnerabilities to hack into IE 8 on a fully patched Windows 7 machine during the CanSecWest Pwn2Own challenge.

Microsoft said on March 11 that RTM versions of Internet Explorer 9 have been checked and found that the remote code execution issue does not exist in the latest version.

Microsoft is all set to release its Internet Explorer 9 on March 14 and also request its customers to take advantage of the security improvements offered by the browser.

It seems that Microsoft is also working hard to patch the earlier versions of Internet explorer. It is asking its customers either to upgrade to IE9 browser or keep on working with unpatched browser till the time the fixes will be released for the earlier versions.