Unexpected performance by iPad2!

Apple has launched the second edition of its iPad. It has surpassed the expectation of analysts. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has increased his expectation of the sale of iPad2 to 500,000 units by seeing the 104 percent longer queues at some Apple Retails outlets in comparison to the last year.

Analyst Munter has said that the queues on the launch of apple iPad would be less as compared to the 1st edition last year. The reason is that the company has added 10,000 more retail partners where the iPad 2 would be available. On the Munster check, he found out that queues were triple than last year.

The enthusiasm for iPad can be seen at the Mall of America Apple Store in Minneapolis where 334 customers were in line as compared to 105 customers last year. Similar rush was seen at Apple's flagship 5th Avenue store in New York as well where Piper Jaffray found 1,109 people against 730 last year.

Analyst saw a record breaking number on sale on first day of 400,000-500,000 units as compared to last year’s sales record of 300,000 units. iPad sales have crossed all the figures which analyst has predicted earlier.