Volvo C30 to be priced £14,995

There has been reduction in the entry price of Volvo. The price for its stylish C30 hatchback will be £14,995 now.

But what is more interesting is that even the cheapest model will now come up with a 2.0 litre engine. But in reality, the saving would be in the range of £1,300 over the earlier sticker price of £16,295. It was for 143bhp petrol-engine C30.

Most of the saving is on the D2 1.6 litre diesel which is going to be in the range of massive £3,400. And the price cut has happened since the demand for large petrol-based engines gas been going down. Rising petrol prices are one of the major reasons for the same.

As for the environment-friendly side, CO2 emissions are going to be around 177g/km for the petrol and just 114g/km for the diesel cars.

But with even these offers, the experts are not happy since it is not a good offer to go for a brand new Volvo for less than £15,000. That being the case, it is not to be forgotten that outguns seriously cut rivals like Renault Mégane Coupe, which are presently the cheapest.