Nintendo's Digital Struggles

The biggest challenge of Nintendo may not be Sony or Microsoft. Instead, it is the increase of digital content. Be it WiiWare or Apple's AppStore, the publisher has a lot to look to in an emerging market.

One might have a natural curiosity as to ask Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime how Nintendo was going to respond to the call of digital software. It has been openly admitted by the company that it has erred with WiiWare as well as DSiWare.

On a routine basis, a comparison has been made between Nintendo and Apple in terms of design aesthetic as well as market approach. However, Nintendo still has not created a compelling equivalent to the AppStore, which is probably the greatest creation mad by Apple in years. The question arises as to how Reggie sees the debate between software quality and quantity and where pricing fits into that conversation.

Further, more significant is the eternal struggle between all the developers and the development costs. One would be quite curious as what Nintendo's role was in restricting those costs.