Susan Greenfield Made Redundant by The Royal Institution

Susan Greenfield, UK's most prominent female scientists, was on Friday made redundant by The Royal Institution on Friday, and was subsequently locked out of her "grace-and-favor" flat in central London as well.

The 59 year old neuroscientist had been a Director of the facility since 1998, and has now consulted a QC over the decision to serve her with papers of redundancy. If sources are to be believed, Baroness Greenfield was offered a very "generous" redundancy package, in addition to "glowing tributes" if she willfully agreed to leave her post, but she blatantly refused.

Now, the renowned scientist is looking to file for a sex discrimination claim after the institution trustees' act of axing her post.

"I am the only female appointed to this iconic post throughout the 211-year history of the Royal Institution and cannot see how this decision can be in the best interests of the organisation or its members", Ms. Greenfield said.

The announcement came on Friday and had effectively managed to stun all staff members, who were given a 30 minutes' notice to attend a meeting where the development was made public by Chief Executive Chris Rofe.