Microsoft on a hiring mode

Microsoft is hiring people for setting up its Xbox Console Architecture Group. As many as three vacancies have come up. While one of them is for the post of graphics hardware architect there are others which are for senior architect and performance engineer and a senior hardware design verification engineer.

The company said that two of the above mentioned posts are going to work for being the "next-generation console architectures from conception through implementation". The third one will be having the profile of checking out design verification and also the quality of Xbox console along with all the internal systems.

Such job openings also solidify the speculations that it is going to very soon release the next-gen Xbox (and Sony the PS4).

Meanwhile, the consoles for which such key hiring is being done are expected to see more revisions. Whatever the case, it seems quite clear that the next-gen console is going to be started very soon.

It is another point that MS, the Xbox 720 is still in its designing stage than getting created. Most of the job openings came up in LinkedIn and will be quite reputed in the gaming industry.