Google buys out for £37.7 million

BeatThatQuote. com has been bought over by Google for £37.7 million. The price comparison website has been bought over as a means through which the Internet Company wants to expand itself in a range of services. It also wants to have a foothold in the financial services industry in UK.

BeatThatQuote is one of the websites that help in comparing a range of product and services that include loans, insurance and others of the league. Some of its biggest rivals include Moneysupermarket. com and Comparethemarket. com, who are also in the same business.

Meanwhile, Google has been trying to shift from a search company that is only into the business of providing search facilities but also for other ones like providing broader media player and also giving a range of services for the music and publishing industry.

It has followed the same path as Apple and wants to come up with a digital content service.

For the same, Google has already come up with a range of smartphones that are Android based and through the same it wants to compete with the likes of Apple and Spotify.