UK Pokémon Premiere launch party

Nintendo hosted their Pokémon Premiere launch event on Thursday night, only a few hours before the launch of Pokémon Black / White’s UK. Also, in the wake of Game Freak in attendance for the entirety of the Pokémaniacs as well as One Direction performing for the shrieking fans of one other nature, Nintendo UK overtook 1 Leicester Square, London, for an extremely fun-filled party.

Following quite a long and cold wait for entry, the Pokémon enthusiasts, worked their way through the huge crowd of media as well as competition winners fortunate enough to have got the access to this invite-only function. The black and white carpets specially laid out were all occupied by fans, all of whom were excited to get a glimpse of all their favorite reality Television heroes.

The reason for the whole delay was that the entire venue had to be decked out in white and black, all the way down to the dance floor, to match the game that was being release. The venue preparation had started at 2am that morning, and the effort was clearly visible to all who came to see it.