Number of People on Live Register Reached All-Time High in December

Fresh fears that one of the worst recessions to hit the world might not just be over have emerged as a record number of people put their names on Live Register during the month of December.

As confirmed by data shared by the Central Statistics Office, last month, the seasonally adjusted Live Register hiked by 3,300 to hit an all-time high figure of 426,700.

Without taking into account any seasonal factors, the figure was up by 10,090.

In all, the number of people on the Live Register, which is, however, not a strict measure of unemployment as it also includes some casual and temporary, part-time employees, has surged by more than 46% over the past 12 months.

Also, the official unemployment rate has also recorded a slight rise to 12.5%, although many experts believe that it is all set to rise to as much as 14%.

"These are by far the worst December Live Register figures ever recorded. There are now 142,000 more out of work than in December 2008, and 269,000 more than at the time of the general election in 2007", said Labour leader, Eamon Gilmore.