Google takes down 55 apps after malware reports

Internet giant, Google has taken down 55 apps from its Android Marketplace after reports of malware infection appeared this week.

According to a Financial Times report on Thursday, thousands of Android users have downloaded apps that could hijack their devices with malware aimed at stealing information or sending expensive messages.

Google even through has removed the apps, did not comment on the matter. The company had removed a pair of infected Android apps last year. Google actions could limit the damage but the incidents have taken a hit at the reputation of Android Marketplace as reports about malware spread on the internet.

Google has worked to make the platform friendlier to the developers and customers. It has introduced in-app payment system for Android and improve discovery of apps in its mobile store. Malware has been a challenge for the company and makes it upgrade the platform. Malware has also been a roadblock for Google to position the Android Marketplace as an alternative to Apple App Store.

The presence of malware is being attributed to Google’s easy apprioach towards developers as against Apple rigorous approach requiring all apps to go through an approval process before being allowed on the store, that keeps the malware out.