Google, Microsoft join forces against GeoTag

Traditional rivals, Microsoft and Google has joined forces to file a law suit against a tiny geo-location patent based firm, GeoTag, which has sued more than 300 companies for basic uses of Bing Maps and Google Maps.

Google and Microsoft have urged the Delaware federal court in a lawsuit filed on Tuesday to invalidate GeoTag’s patent and are also seeking recovery of costs and fees.

The two companies said that the company accusing Bing and Google Maps customers of infringing on US patent 5,930,474 patent that involves using mapping services to create store locators.

GeoTag is a small patent-licensing operation, a type of lawsuit-based business which are known by several names such as patent jihadist. The patent called ‘Internet Organizer for Accessing Geographically and Topically Based Information’ features on GeoTeg's home page.

GeoTag had applied to be listed as a public company to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last year.