Motorola XOOM is a reviewer's delight

The Motorola Xoom has been waited on for with held breadth for quite some time now, so when it came out everyone wanted to see what is different about this tablet and what has it got other than Android 3.0 in it.

Analysts and reviewers say that there is enough in it to make one buy it out. While there is going to be a little difference between what has been sent to the reviewers and what the customers are going to get in their hands in the end. But the differences are very miniscule.

Along with the XOOM, which comes in a cardboard box full of bubble-wrapped stores, there are a number of cords as well that vary from transferring items to the CPU and others as well.

The European version is a bit different and comes in silver-metal-backed looks. But what is same and unique about XOOM is the singular large screen. This can be moved in any direction without breaking a thing in it. It is A-class when it comes to Android and its users.

This comes soon after Google Android Honeycomb was unveiled during a special event sometime back.