Even new Mac PCs get affected of Trojan

Apple has tried via many campaigns to show that its Mac is not only cool in terms of outer looks but when it comes to being secure against the viruses, then it is much better than others in the market.

But an answer to the same has appeared in the market and popular Windows-based Trojan has come in which is targeting Mac OS X. Whatever the case, it has made sure that Mac and Windows are quite susceptible to such threats unlike they were sometime back.

Sophos, a security company has said that Trojan is a variant of a Windows-based RAT (remote access Trojan) called darkComet. It has been referred to as OSX/MusMinim-A or MusMinim for short and is going to be called "BlackHole RAT," in common language.

Sophos says that is quite basic to eradicate the virus and all that is needed just now is an updated anti-virus software. But that also means that there is no software in the world or a platform that is immune to malware.

Some of the most common tricks of trojan is that is opens a full-screen window which gives only one option: to reboot the system.