HTC to have Gingerbread update on its S phone soon

HTC has announced that it will be getting Gingerbread update for its mobile phone, S phone by the month of June. Just few weeks back the phone was released during the Mobile World Congress and at that time, the company had said that it is going to quickly update its Android 2.3.

Incredible S is not the only lucky phone in the stable of HTC and even its older phones like Desire HD and Desire Z are getting better because of the 2.3 update.

HTC Desire is of course there and as and when Incredible S gets updated, so will these phones be going through their process of upgradation.

HTC has itself confirmed the news that a number of these smartphones are going to receive the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update during the second quarter of this year. Otherwise, for those who are not aware, HTC's Desire Z is also known as T-Mobile G2, in the market.

The oldest phone in the bunch is HTC's Desire and Incredible S is the latest addition in the long list of phones that the company has built up till now.