Parking in Leeds is most expensive

A study has found out that car parking in Leeds is most expensive. These are the places that are outside of London and have managed to stay in the top league when it comes to getting costly for parking.

Besides Leeds, Birmingham was the only other place that could reach at that level. For parking car for an hour, one had to pay £2.60. The study also found out that for parking ones car for four hours at the Westminster costs close to £18. For Manchester the price was £ 13.20 and for Leeds it was at £7.80.

Chief Executive, Peter Vicary Smith said that it was expected London would top the chart. But what is a matter of concern is the fact that places like Manchester, Edinburgh and Leeds has also become expensive.

He also informed that parking rates are very disturbed when it comes to pan-UK. And it is the right of the people to know what the rates were and where they should park their cars so that it costs them less.

Leeds council is already facing fire because of such high parking rates as it is being felt that trade is getting affected.