Another anti-trust case against Google

A new set of accusations cropped up against Google. And this time it is in Europe and said that it was blocking small search engines so that it is able to attract more advertisers.

One of the companies that have filed a case against Google is French company 1plusV which owns has said that Google is trying to bloc their engine. It said that a supplementary complaint has been sent to the European Commission, which is the executive arm of the European Union.

Since that time, a formal investigation has been carried on against Google. A total of three months has passed since that time and even today the commission is trying to find out evidences against Google.

Said spokesman of the commission, Amadeu Altafaj, that they are taking so much time so that Google gets all the needed time to prove itself innocent. At present, Google allows advertisers to buy a keyword. That when typed in the engine allows an advertising link to be formed.

On the same hand, Marie-C├ęcile Rameau, the lawyer who is representing 1plusV said that Google was trying to prevent the websites which are part of 1PlusV to be part of its business and that was spreading fears amongst the firms.